Friday, April 17, 2009

Compassion Is Not A Local Phenomenon.

Founded by a dedicated group of enlightened health services professionals and concerned community, Suncoast Hospice has provided care for those nearing the end of life and their families since 1977, regardless of race, creed, diagnosis or ability to pay.
As the leading community based, not-for-profit hospice nationwide, it’s not surprising that Suncoast Hospice would look beyond the borders of its sun-drenched corner of the U.S., see a need, offer help, support, and yes, compassion. The township of Soweto, South Africa came clearly into focus.

Meanwhile, in Soweto, South Africa’s largest township, the Hospice of the Witwatersrand, struggled, mired in tremendous need. About 500,000 South Africans have already died from AIDS-related causes. Projections based on the current rate of HIV prevalence suggest that as many as 10 million may succumb over the next 15 years.

Partners in Compassion
The Soweto Hospice was established with the help and support of organizations like The Foundation for Hospices in Sub-Saharan Africa, (FHSSA), USAID, Witwatersrand Hospice, and those in the local community of Johannesburg. Suncoast Hospice through the Suncoast Hospice Foundation also made a commitment to provide assistance and support to its “sister” organization.

The goals of the partnership are:
• sharing of information
technical assistance to the Soweto Hospice
promotion of staff exchanges
monetary support
raising awareness of the accomplishments and needs of the Soweto Hospice.

Staff of Suncoast Hospice has organized and handled this effort as volunteers, with fundraising projects supported by the Suncoast Hospice Foundation.

Accomplishments of the partnership include:

• Staff exchanges every other year since 2000 with 7 South African staff visiting the US and 11 Suncoast staff visiting the Soweto Hospice. Staff exchanges include touring, observing, teaching and working one on one with hospice staff and patients.
• Suncoast Hospice has raised more than $100,000 in grants and donations for Soweto Hospice. Note – Only donations designated to go toward aid to Soweto are sent on to South Africa.
• More than 1,500 pounds of medical supplies have been taken or shipped to Soweto for patient care.
• Professional education manuals, DVDs, journals, equipment, books and videos have been provided to Soweto Hospice for staff and volunteer education.

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  1. only angels sent from above can be as passionate as your team of helping others,so you are trully a blessing to everyone that needs you