Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Staff Exchange at Suncoast Hospice

A special part of our partnership with Suncoast Hospice and Hospice Wits is our staff exchange.
Our staffers who have visited our hospices in United States and South Africa have had enriching experiences. They have immersed themselves in our care and cultures, shared knowledge and resources and developed wonderful friendships.
Suncoast Hospice will be honored to host four Hospice Wits staffers for two weeks this fall. They are Dr. Suzanne "Sue" Walter, Dorcus Ramakuela, Penelope Mathe and Beverley "Bev" Tembo. We look forward to welcoming you to our community in Pinellas County, Florida.
Our partnership committee is planning many activities for you. Here in Pinellas, you will tour our facilities, observe our staff in the field, see some beautiful sights and be our special guests at our events. You will also attend a national clinical conference and visit Walt Disney World in Orlando. And more is in the works.
This is going to be an amazing experience. We will see you very soon!

Our committee enjoyed meeting you on Skype.