Friday, April 17, 2009

The Statistics

Sub-Saharan Africa, 2008

• 27.7 million adults and children living with HIV (63% of the world’s infected)

• 2.8 million new infections (65% of total globally)

• Almost _ (72%) of all adult and child deaths due to AIDS in 2006 occurred in sub-Saharan Africa.

• Women (age 15+) account for 59% of HIV cases.

• For every 10 adult men living with HIV, there are about 14 women.

Southern Africa, 2008
• 32% of all people with HIV globally live in southern Africa. In 2008, 34% of all deaths due to AIDS, occurred in southern Africa.

• Most children living with HIV/AIDS are in sub-Saharan Africa (2.1 million, or 91% of the global total as of the end of 2008).

• Most children orphaned by AIDS are also in sub-Saharan Africa(12 million or 79% of the global total as of the end of 2008

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