Thursday, March 7, 2013

Total Gratitude

Post by Nigel Unwin, Hospice Wits CEO

Nigel Unwin
As a nation South Africa is still in a difficult is Hospice Wits. The visit by Stacy, Susan and Terri was energizing and uplifting for all of us. Even though we knew that they would come with so much to share and give, we were overwhelmed and humbled by their generosity from all perspectives. This included the six laptops, suitcases full of materials, Learn Center tool, team building with all parts of the organization, work with our management team and visits with our home care sisters. So much in two short weeks.

To feel that Suncoast Hospice, this time through Stacy, Susan and Terri, genuinely sees Hospice Wits as their partner is overwhelming. We feel we have so much to learn and take and not much to share, apart from our absolute commitment to excellent hospice care. Other hospices here in South Africa, which nominally are partnered with hospices in the U.S., are blown away by what our partnership means and what it achieves for Hospice Wits.

From our perspective the best thing about our partnership is that we know that you have so much more that you want to share with us. Amazingly, it doesn’t feel like a one-way street. Perhaps it's enough to give and to be received with total gratitude? Hopefully it is.

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