Monday, March 11, 2013

Susan's Reflections

Visiting South Africa and our sister hospice – Hospice Wits – was an incredible experience.  There were many poignant moments – visiting patients in their homes, being welcomed by patients and caregivers into their homes, sharing with colleagues, introducing the Suncoast Hospice Institute’s Learn Center, training and sharing with staff, and experiencing life changing moments with others.  Here are a few of the lessons that I learned along the way. 

Lesson One:  Keep true to your core values and take advantage of opportunities along the way.   I never thought I would have the opportunity to return to Africa.  Through my work with Suncoast Hospice and Suncoast Hospice Institute my path would lead me not only back to the place that changed my perspective on life but it would combine two life changing experiences….Hospice AND Africa.  Who would want to miss out on this?  Visiting with staff and patients in South Africa and seeing hospice in action half-way around the world from Florida only reinforces the universality of hospice.  The language of love is the connection.

Lesson Two:  Really big things can block your way in life – but you just need to adjust your path.  Don’t be afraid to try new things just because there are obstacles in the way.  Look at your situation through a larger perspective…. There is always a different way to do things. 

Lesson Three:  There are some things you should steer clear of…… like bungee jumping!  Who needs it?  Do you really need to scare yourself that much?

Lesson Four:  There is never enough education – we can learn something everyday if we just open our eyes.  Sharing  our Learn Center with our colleagues was an exciting experience.  They embraced the opportunity to use online training to enhance their learning and have made a commitment to share this with the Hospice Wits staff.

Lesson Five:  Never miss the opportunity to laugh with a friend.  I  have made life-long friends along this journey which will be with me forever.  I hope that I have made a difference in others lives, I know they have made a difference in mine.
Susan Bruno

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