Thursday, March 7, 2013

Valuable Learning

Post by Joy Ruwodo, Hospice Wits Marketing Manager

Joy Ruwodo
I've been at Hospice Wits now for just over two years. In that time, the relationship with Suncoast Hospice has always been something that I've heard of and felt mildly in our Skype phone calls.

The relationship and understanding of how valuable this partnership is really came to light in full force when we had your team over for a visit. I could then touch and feel the reality of our partnership and benefitted immensely from our conversations and other interactions. I learned so much about how you do things in your hospice and how we could adopt some of your ways to improve our own way of working.

Because of the amount of learning from your short time here, I really felt that it was more important for us to keep the relationship going beyond your return to the States. And hence the idea that we should find a way of getting our teams here to be in contact with their counterparts there on a needs basis. I feel that a lot of good progress could come out of that.

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