Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Jew, a Catholic and a Protestant

This morning Stacy, Susan and I were sitting around a table with our tea and coffee while waiting for the staff to arrive for today's presentations. There we were - a Jew, a Catholic and a Protestant sitting and discussing the resignation of the Pope. I couldn't help but say I felt as if we were on The View, save the drama! (Now the picture of the lightening striking the Vatican was something to behold!) It is interesting to listen to the news on the morning drive to work and realize that we are all dealing with the same issues. Susan gave a presentation about the resources available on the learn center this morning. (Well, actually they are available each and every morning.) When she showed the list of the vast courses and resources available, I realized it took my coming to South Africa to see how much I could be tapping into back at home! I will be taking much more than the infectious disease course upon my return!!!
Lightning strikes St Peter's dome at  on day the announced resignation, by Filippo Monteforte

An interesting aside not related to anything I am writing about. They have two nuclear power towers side by side here that are no longer in service -regarding the provision of power. So what do you do with such towers that are shut down? You bungie jump between them! Imagine watching people plunge from a platform perched between the top of them. Stacy said she hoped there would be time for her to do this...

Terri Peterson

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