Monday, February 11, 2013

A Little History and Reflection

Thank you to everyone who has posted comments to our blog. We are seeing them and sharing them with Hospice Wits staff. I wish I had enough time to respond to every comment.

We had a great weekend. Although we weren't visiting with patients we were still quite busy visiting three different museums so we could learn more about South African culture and the history of apartheid and the Black African struggle. I know Terri and Susan will share some of their thoughts with you on a further post. Even though I have been to these museums before I continue to learn more about what life was like for our colleagues. Keep in mind that apartheid didn't end until 1994. Only 19 years ago!  Monday is the anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from Robben Island where he was jailed for almost 30 years.

I must admit I often take much for granted in my life. Although I do express gratitude for what I have I do think that I expect my life will go in a certain direction and that my family will have access to so much - good healthcare, a warm and comfortable home, little fear of physical harm. I am humbled being here and being reminded the same is not true for all.  Today I learned that a good friend of mine, Nikiwe, had her house robbed at night as she and her family slept. All of her household appliances were stolen. Although that may be hard for us to understand this happens often here.

Monday we'll spend half the day with Penny, the only full time professional social worker at Hospice Wits. In the afternoon we'll visit the Hospice's daycare (or crèche-school) as they call it. I promise to take video and pictures and will post some more thoughts later in the day.

Until later,

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