Monday, February 11, 2013

Hospice Mission Transcends All Borders

It is with a full and grateful heart that I reflect back upon the day. Yesterday morning was spent with the clinical staff in Houghton (Joburg) where we engaged the whole staff in a team building activity leading to greater awareness and understanding of one another.

The remainder of the day was spent shadowing a sister (nurse) on home visits. We went on four visits ranging from the very poor to the very affluent. Although there was incredible discrepancy regarding resources, what did not vary was the genuine presence, care, and compassion devoted to each patient and family member by the sister we shadowed. Blessed with the opportunity to take a back seat and observe this gifted sister, it is clear the hospice mission is absolutely a calling that transcends all borders. As Susan and I were able to join in the visits, we were able to model the value of working together as an interdisciplinary team (nurse, social worker, and chaplain). And we all learned from one another.

Those of you who know me well will be greatly amused to know that when I returned to the home of my host family on the second evening, one of the 8 year old twins pulled me into the kitchen to ask if I would help her bake muffins!  (All I can say is that she would have done better if my sister was her guest. Ha!).


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