Friday, February 15, 2013

Mapelta Daycare Center

Mapetla is a daycare center run by Hospice Wits for children ages 2-5 who are infected or affected with HIV/AIDS. 55 children are at the crèche (school). Visiting Mapetla is always a highlight of our exchange trips. This trip was no different. Lucky, the principal, and her teachers do amazing work. The children are clean, happy, and learning. The two year olds were napping when we arrived. There's nothing more blissful than watching 13 two year olds sleeping peacefully on mats. I had to video them just to preserve the sounds of their breathing.

You should be able to click on some links to hear the oldest children sing to us (Sorry link is not working). Entertain us they did!  And, in order to be totally transparent, we entertained them too... Thanks to the financial  generosity of Paula Dilandro (Center for Loss and Healing Director) and some of her family members and Charla Fogel (Center for Learning volunteer and my mother!) I was able to purchase 10 chairs made from corrugated paper for the Mapetla classrooms. The chairs can open for storage also. The ultimate goal is to purchase chairs for every child.

So, here's the transparent piece... I asked my team if anyone was skilled in putting 'stuff' like this together as I know I'm not. One of the team members (not naming names... Susan) said she could easily do this. About 12 minutes later one chair was put together!!  I hope you're able to see the last little bit of this experience as well as some of the kids (and big kids) sitting in the chairs.

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