Friday, February 1, 2013

Hospice Wits, Here We Come

Left to Right: Terri Peterson, Stacy Orloff and Susan Bruno
Our next group of staffers is ready to embark on an exchange trip to Hospice Wits in Johannesburg, South Africa next week. Going are Suncoast Hospice’s Stacy Orloff, vice president of palliative care and community programs and Theresa “Terri” Peterson, a care team chaplain and Suncoast Hospice Institute’s Susan Bruno, director of institute business.

The three are excited for their two-week visit. Terri and Susan are first-timers and eager for this new learning experience. Stacy has made several trips and been involved a long time with our partnership. They’ll arrive bearing gifts, including much-needed medical supplies donated by Suncoast staff and volunteers.

During their visit, they’ll observe and work with Hospice Wits’ care staff and management team. This time there will be an even heavier focus on education. They plan to share resources, provide support and make presentations on interdisciplinary care teams, self-care, palliative arts, leadership development and more.

They can’t wait to get there and meet everyone. It’s going to be an incredible visit.

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