Monday, May 18, 2009

Gift's poem

Below is the poem Gift wrote while a patient in our Soweto hospice:


By Gift Khontyaphi


My Lord I ask you now,

Help us children and me;

To grow up until we die.

I thank you Jesus,

Because you help me when I'm sick,

I thank you Jesus for our mothers,

 Our doctors, our sisters.

They love us so much.

Please Lord help me

To grow up until I die.

I have lots of sickness

Since I have been small

Now I am better

I feel well.

To feel sick is not good

I feel tired

And don’t want to drink my medicine,

I feel sad, I want to see and be with my family.

To die is not alright.

Don’t think about dying.

If you think,

 You are going to die fast.

Because to die is not alright

I want to grow up,

Grow up until I die.

My HIV is not alright 

I want to drink my medicine

Please Lord give us Power

I know children want to grow up

But if you don’t take your medicine

You will die

I feel bad, I feel sad,

I feel naughty, cross and angry,

I feel everything has been stolen from me

My life has no control.

It makes me want to be naughty

Please Lord help me.

My Lord I ask you now,

Help us children and me;

To grow up until we die.


1 comment:

  1. Dearest Gift,
    I'm sure I'm not the first one to feel that whoever named you must have known your spirit from the start. I want to thank you for sharing your story through your amazing poem. I understand you feel "naughty, cross and angry". I also understand the love you feel for your caregivers, and the faith you have that you and the children will have the chance to "grow up until you die". I will keep that faith as well, thanks to you.

    With love and prayers,