Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lea Ann's Soweto Hospice home visit

Last week, Steve and I made home visits with a sister (nurse) named Dorcus (pictured above on right).  Most of the 8 homes we visited had

 plumbing and electricity which is unusual for that area of town.  All had TV’s but not all of them operated.  The sister explained that TV’s are a status symbol regardless of whether they are working. 

One patient in particular sticks in my mind.  Her home had no electricity.  She was not at the house when we arrived.  Knowing her family would not let her leave the house; she awakened before them and went to the store to buy her granddaughter (pictured above in red with her mom) some milk.  As we were leaving, the police arrived with this patient who had fainted in the street and refused to go to the hospital.

After the patient regained her composure, the nurse explained we had brought her a monetary gift from the sister hospice in America.  She stated in English “please just help me with my shoes”.  I noticed her feet were very swollen and her shoes were too small.  She was thrilled with the money we gave her to buy shoes that fit – something we take for granted.

Lea Ann Horton RN     

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  1. We're so proud of the work you are doing and are praying for you, Aunt Lea! :)