Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Herbie and Zeba find new friends

Herbie and Zeba traveled all the way form Clearwater, Florida to Soweto, South Africa in search of new friends to play with. They found their new home at the Soweto Hospice where two pediatric patients welcomed them with smiles and open arms. Thank you Carole.  


  1. Gotta love Herbie and Zeba! Thanks for making a difference.

  2. "Thank you Carole."

    Gee, Cathy, don't I get a plug too?


    Called David - left message, he didn't reply.

    I don't blame him, who in the sam hill needs an old man like me?

    John Uce

  3. Cathy

    I am thrilled that my two little friends from America are now home with two new friends in Soweto, these children are precious, Thank you

  4. What a beautiful smile! Great job Zeba and Herbie!