Monday, May 18, 2009

Living in two worlds

I sit at my desk at home, writing this reflection.  It has been just about 24 hours since we touched down in Tampa.  It’s hard to believe that the two weeks with our sister hospice is over.  My heart and mind are struggling to ‘right’ themselves. My heart is joyful to be back home with my family and is full of the love for my African brothers and sisters. My mind is adjusting to the reality of being home- going through mail, emails, paying bills, etc and I continue to think about my African colleagues- wondering what they’re doing now and how this or that patient is. The reality, though, is that this trip is not really over.  It’s true that we’re no longer in South Africa, spending our days face to face with our African colleagues.  What is equally true is that today is just another day in the continuing and ongoing relationship with our sister hospice.  In 2000 our partnership began and today, May 18, 2009 is the beginning of the next phase of our relationship.  Today, alone, I have received two new emails from African colleagues and I noticed that I had received several emails from other colleagues while in South Africa.  I am so proud of the work that happens every day in Johannesburg and Soweto.  Great things happen each and every day.  We’ll be writing more about this great work during the coming weeks.  There are many stories yet to tell.  Please keep reading our blog.  There will be new postings frequently. Our South African colleagues are also joining our blog and will be sharing their stories.  And, as always, there is more work to do.  Your continued financial support will assist our sister hospice in doing its daily work. 

Keep in mind: Life in its passing is a sacred thing, never to be repeated. Let not a day pass in which we do not honor life's mystery or behold its wonder in our hearts.

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  1. Who is the author of the quote, "Life in its passing is a sacred thing..." ?