Monday, May 18, 2009

Reflections of the Soweto pediatric inpatient unit

As an employee of Hospice SA it is amazing how I would attempt with my entire being to avoid entering our Pediatric Ward in Soweto. However my passion gets the best of me all the time as I try with all my might to bypass the ward. I am drawn by the little cry or laughter that fills the corridor. Entering the ward always has the same effect on me: a lump in my throat, tears streaming down my cheeks and a knot in the stomach. As I visit these little people from crib to crib there may be a silent cry “Why Me” or “Please Love Me” perhaps “Hug Me Please.”  I stand dumbfounded as I watch dedicated “Care Giver”, Nurses and Doctors working with so much love and compassion. Some feeding, diaper changing or just holding a crying little one. At time when I am able I would dig deep and contribute to the care. Occasionally I just want to flee from the scene and justify my actions for not caring – How can one so tiny endure so much! How can one turn and run when the need declares this is not fun! How, how do you ask this tiny being to hold on, because tomorrow will be a better day! I salute all hospice workers – you make working at hospice worthwhile. Thank you Stacy and Team for touching the hearts of our Nation. God Bless.


Mrs Eugeny Maraba

Center for Palliative Learning, Head of Department

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  1. Eugeny,
    Your story is so heart-filled. I was immediately taken back to our visit of the peds unit and how I felt in holding the hands of those small children. Thank you for the amazing work that you do.