Thursday, May 7, 2009

We're Connected!!

I'm sitting in a Joburg pub and my computer battery is almost gone. But I just had to let everyone know that after three days of trying to get a mobile internet connection we have finally succeeded!
A big thank you to Ceo Kanes in the Business Solutions department of MTN. He never gave up until he found a way to make the modem you see in the lower left of this picture work.  This means we should be able to upload a lot more information about our time here.  Stay tuned, because we have some great stories to share!


  1. Thanks to all of you for taking us on your journey through your photos and stories. There is a connectedness transmitted that is very powerful. You are truly touching lives not only in Soweto but here at home.

  2. Given the subject of your post it took me a moment to realize that you are connected to the Internet and not the Cosa Nostra.


  3. I shall remain anonymous only because it won't let me post as John Atkinson. (Whoever that is.) Glad you were able to log in. In case you were wondering, the Rays thumped the R-sox at Fenway this afternoon. That is probably the only really important thing that happened in the USA today.