Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Clinical Training and Vsiting the Children

This morning found us in Soweto for our clinical presentations to the staff at that location. The participation was fantastic. The room was literally standing room only. The topics of Building the Team, Children's Bereavement, Caregiver Burnout and Resilience were well received. Just as back at home, we struggled with getting the technology to function, but ultimately found the right connection.

The afternoon was spent with the children at the daycare center check out the pictures. They tell the whole story.


  1. The kids at Mapetla are as cute as ever. I hope Mapetla is getting the funding they need to keep this much needed daycare center thriving.

  2. Maptela is good. They've done a bit of necessary downsizing to ensure the children who need the care and services are able to receive it. Kids and teachers are happy.


  3. Gayle,

    Unjani? imifanekisa iyaba

    I'm not sure about my Xhosa, but the pictures of the children are beautiful. I remember my day in Soweto well.