Friday, February 25, 2011

What now?

How quickly two and a half weeks have gone... It seems as though we were just talking about our trip, planning and then packing; and now we've been back for 2 days.

When we arrived, we were two teams; the four of us from Suncoast Hospice and the five management staff from Hospice Wits. Two weeks later, we were one team, united to ensure access to the best possible hospice care regardless of the country in which it is offered. We took these pictures shortly before we left for the airport to return to the US. There were smiles and laughter before and after they were taken. The Suncoast Hospice staff were also given Hospice Wits hats, so now we're all honorary staff of Hospice Wits, too!

The 2011 staff exchange trip was incredibly successful, every way you can measure success. We learned how to provide excellent hospice care with limited resources, how to creatively utilize all staff to ensure patient/family needs are met, how to take care of ourselves and others, and how to build and sustain teams. We also learned how much we are alike and how we can learn from each other's differences.

Our sister hospice feels a profound sense of hope knowing that we are 'here' and connected to them. There is much left to do. I hope you'll join in and support our sister hospice; which also helps to support and sustain Suncoast Hospice. Over the next few months you'll be hearing more about our three South African committees. I hope you'll consider joining us as we provide this mutual support. By utilizing Skype, our sister hospice colleagues will also be participating in our committees and assisting in planning.

Thank you for the many ways in which you helped the team that traveled to our sister hospice. We are grateful for your support.


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