Monday, February 7, 2011

Off to South Africa

On Saturday, February 5th, we left to visit our sister hospice. Here's a picture of us looking nice and refreshed, eager to start our adventure. We took this picture before our plan left Washington DC. 18 hours later and 7 hours ahead of EST, we arrived in Johannesburg, tired and excited (no pictures taken!). We were met at the airport by Jacqui Kaye and Christine Warner, two of our hosts. We all went to our hosts' homes, had a light bite to eat and got in bed by 10:00 pm Johannesburg time. Our bodies are still adjusting to the travel and time zone changes so none of us slept through the night. Hopefully tonight will be much better.

I'll publish another post later sharing highlights of today, our first day. If each day is as good as today was, this will be a spectacular trip.


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