Monday, February 21, 2011

"I'm new at this"

She was resting in her bed, her bright blue eyes and elegant face brightening with our visit.  Her swollen belly spoke to the reason for her Hospice referral. As Sister Ivey gently asked her admission questions this new patient would quietly answer the questions...and for several she ended with a profound disclaimer...."but I'm new at this".

Each day at Suncoast Hospice and Hospice Wits we have the privilege of meeting patients and families who are feeling very new at this journey of dealing with pain, symptoms they have never felt before and facing decisions they have never had to make before. Both of our Hospice programs are unique in that we are NOT new at this...we are leaders in palliative and hospice care in our respective communities....having the privilege of teaching and sharing about hospice with others as well. Through our partnership we have the opportunity to work and grow together in the innovation of ideas for the future.  My hope is that the sense of newness that each patient feels will continue to inspire all of us to strive for the future and to build on all that we already know.

The past two and half weeks have been a privilege.  My sincere appreciation to Hospice Wits and all the staff who have been so welcoming.  I see this as another successful chapter in our ongoing relationship and look forward to the next.    ------Deb Hagopian

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