Monday, February 21, 2011

Our partnership and what it means to me

Visits: I think the visits on both sides have been transparent and known because of all the staff involvement. It has strengthened the relationship and our understanding of the partnership.

Communication: The quarterly steering committee meeting held at Suncoast Hospice has been a great opportunity for us to be involved via Skype. It has allowed greater communication between the two hospices. Emails also play a big role in our communication. We get to know what's happening on their side and vice versa. Our notice (bulletin) boards also play a big role in updating our staff about Suncoast Hospice.

Training: Journal club for the doctors will use the journals we've gotten from the USA (brought on a flashdrive on this year's trip) as well as the AAHPM membership Suncoast Hospice got for us. All of this information is free for us and we're so grateful. We all received valuable in-service training during this visit. More electronic in-services have been prepared for us and we'll use it for ourselves and the staff. We're so appreciative of having access to the Learn Center.

Conclusion: I think whoever made this decision of partnership with Suncoast Hospice made the best decision. From now on we can only grow and sustain this relationship. Yes, our partners learn from us, too, but I think we benefit a lot from them. May our relationship grow stronger and stronger for all the years to come.

Ritta Khunga
Hospice Wits

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  1. Ritta, we share a common goal of trying to learn from each other. A true blessing which has become even more evident reading these blogs is our maturing love and respect for each other. I look forward to more visits on Skype and in person. Please send my greetings to Jacqui, Patrick and all at Hospice Wits-Cathy