Monday, February 7, 2011

Our day in Soweto

What a great day today was! We started out this morning at the Houghton office (Jo-berg) where we were greeted by the staff. We had a chance to have a light breakfast with them and to chat informally. After a brief tour of their offices, we left to see all 11 (that's right, 11) of Hospice Wit's resale shoppes. Lunchtime brought us to Soweto, where we were greeted by the Sisters, Community Care Workers, HIV Day Care patients, and office staff. Dressed in their tribal clothing, they met us on their driveway and greeted us with joyful songs. As we entered the building, the staff continued singing all the way through the building to the meeting room. After lunch together, the staff shared gifts with us and sang to us again. None of us were able to take pictures of this as the four of us were so caught up in the moment. Truth be told- we probably wouldn't have been able to focus a picture as our eyes were quite full. What a moment...

We came back to our hosts' homes late afternoon for a bit of relaxation prior to dinner and then (hopefully) a full night's sleep. Tomorrow we start at 8 am, with a half day training at Soweto, lunch, and then a visit to Mapetla (daycare center).

More stories to come later.


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