Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A South African Braai

On Sunday, we were treated to a South African braai (bbq) at the home of Dr. Patrick and Felicity Mashele. We had a wonderful afternoon visiting with Patrick, Felicity, their three wonderful sons, and new granddaughter (9 months old). We also had some of our friends from the Soweto site with us too: Dorkus, Dorothy, Susan, and Maya. It was a great afternoon. It was the perfect ending to a great wknd; relaxing and leisurely.

I also snapped this picture of Patrick and his youngest son Rhulani posting a comment on our blog (in response to Steve Lasky's comments in a few different South African languages. FYI, Patrick's was on Zulu). It's probably the first and only time we'll see Patrick's hands on a keyboard sending us an email!! Rhulani was turning 10 the day after our lunch and he's celebrating by a birthday paint ball party on Saturday the 19th.

We also had a nice leisurely return trip from Patrick's home to our host houses, with a fun detour to meet Patrick's 'Uncle Eddie' and his magnificent guest house. (FYI, the VP of Botswana was there). We've decided this house would be a great place to visit again.

Spending all this time and work and at homes with our colleagues has been absolute fantastic!


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