Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Great Excitement - our friends are here!

So Stacy, Deb, Gayle and David arrived amidst much excitement from the staff of Hospice Wits. So wonderful to see their smiling faces coming out of International arrivals on Sunday evening. We have enjoyed listening to their experiences, meeting and greeting our staff and spending time sharing the beginning of their training presentations with the staff at Soweto. There is still so much to do and time seems to be flying already but everyone is eagerly anticipating when their turn will be to talk with one of the team members. So we are so enjoying having our friends from Suncoast Hospice with us - wish that we could have had all of you over here with us but we send our love across cyber space. As I type this note we have a typical afternoon thunder shower, with lightening and thunder in the air....beautiful Africa! Chat again soon.

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